2023 MuniTrends Customized Benchmarking Report

Prepared by the Government Finance Research Group (GFRG), the 2023 MuniTrends Customized Benchmarking Report contains financial and operating data, analysis and performance metrics collected from more than 200 US municipalities and townships and customized to meet your analytical requirements.

The customized report includes government performance information based on recently published municipal budgets, annual reports, and strategic plans. Local demographic census and economic data, criminal justice data, and other key statistics are sourced from Federal and state agency databases.

The 2023 MuniTrends Customized Benchmarking Report includes detailed analysis of key financial and operating metrics presented in tabular and graphical format. Comparative information is analyzed and sorted, based on regional (eg. Northeast, South, Midwest, West) and city population size.

Table of Contents

I. Municipal Revenues and Funding

  • Source of Funds
  • Change in Revenues, 3-Year Annual Trends
  • General Fund Composition
  • Revenues, by Type, per Capita
  • Property and Sales Tax Revenues and Trends
  • Revenues and Local Economic Variables

II. Municipal Expenditures

  • Operating Budgets, by Functional Department
  • Capital Spending, by Function
  • Operating vs. Capital Expenditures
  • 3-Year Spending Trends
  • Expenditures per Capita

III. Municipal Staffing

  • Full-time Equivalent Positions (FTE), by Functional Department
  • FTE Positions, per 1,000 Residents
  • Change in Municipal FTEs and Population
  • Personnel Costs - Wages and Benefits Trends

IV. Municipal Debt and Financing

  • Composition of Debt
  • Long-term Bond Debt Analysis
  • Ratio of Debt to Revenues, 3-Year Trend

V. Municipal Retirement Funds

  • Annual Contributions and Trends
  • Funded Liability-Solvency Ratios and Trends

VI. Appendix of Source Documents and References